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Polymera, Inc. - 511 Milliken Drive Hebron, Ohio - Tel: 614.531.9954

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Polymera, Inc.
511 Milliken Drive
Hebron, Ohio
Tel: 614.531.9954
Email: hhutchison@polymera.com

January 6, 2011


Polymera Announces Onshoring Plans to Produce Wood Polymer Composites, Custom Profiles

HEBRON, Ohio, January 6, 2011 Polymera, Inc., producer of wood polymer composite materials and custom profiles, announced its onshoring plans today by acquiring a state-of-the-art manufacturing system and 160,000-square-foot facility in central Ohio. The newly formed company offers material preparation, blending and extrusion of materials and products that service the Wood and Natural Fiber Polymer Composites (WPC) industry.

Polymera can supply wood and natural fiber polymer composite materials in agglomerate, compounds or extruded profiles with blending systems capable of over 50 million pounds of compounds annually, supplemented with high-output, energy-efficient twin screw WPC extrusion lines for custom profile production. The company also has the flexibility to provide varying material formulations utilizing a wide spectrum of raw materials per customer specifications.

Herb Hutchison

By producing both standard or custom formulated compounds and finished custom profiles, Polymera is addressing a need for WPC compound that is largely ignored by producers today who are focused on material manufacture for their own captive use to produce products like decking and railing. This unique niche positions Polymera to become a leader in the field of wood polymer composites.

Wood polymer composites have experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade, and double digit growth continues as more markets recognize the advantages of a WPC-based product. Combining wood and plastic into a different material addresses environmental concerns such as deforestation and sustainability, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and cost-effective alternative to wood or plastic.

Polymera has assembled one of the most accomplished management teams in the WPC industry. The company is led by President Maan Said, who has more than 25 years of experience in polymer manufacturing operations and investment banking. Vice President/General Manager Herb Hutchison has more than 30 years of experience in plastics, as one of the pioneers in developing the U.S. market for Wood Polymer Composites. Vice President of Engineering Matt Kollar has more than 25 years of engineering experience in plastic-related fields, including the oversight of several plant openings that included three WPC manufacturing facilities.

“Providing excellent service is the top priority for Polymera. We are proud to bring jobs back into America that were destined to go offshore prior to the acquisition of the equipment by our company,” states President Maan Said.

“Our objective is to help extrusion, injection and compression molding companies that would like to enter the WPC market but do not yet have the volume to justify very large investments in upstream blending and material handling systems, as well as supply niche material types to current manufacturers of larger volume WPC products,” says Vice President/General Manager Herb Hutchison.

Polymera manufactures formulated compounds and finished custom profiles for the Wood and Natural Fiber Polymer Composites (WPC) industry. Formed in 2010, the company’s manufacturing and corporate headquarters are located in Hebron, Ohio. The company’s strong financial base, central location, and solid industry partnerships will allow the company to emerge with capacity to be one of the largest suppliers of WPC materials in the industry. For more information, visit Polymera’s new web site at www.polymera.com or contact Vice President/General Manager Herb Hutchison at hhutchison@polymera.com.